ir|ra|tion|al «ih RASH uh nuhl, -RASH nuhl», adjective, noun.
1. not rational; contrary to reason; unreasonable; illogical: »

It is irrational to be afraid of the number 13. The irrational laws which bad critics have framed for the government of poets (Macaulay).

2. unable to think and reason clearly: »

to become irrational with rage.

3. Mathematics. a) (of an equation or expression) involving radicals or fractional exponents. b) of or relating to an irrational number. c) (of functions) that cannot be expressed as the ratio of two algebraic polynomials in its variables.
4. in Greek and Latin prosody: a) designating a syllable that is long instead of short, as the conventional metrical pattern requires. b) designating a metrical foot containing such a syllable.
1. that which is irrational or unreasonable.
2. an irrational number.
[< Latin irratiōnālis < in- not + ratiōnālis rational]
ir|ra´tion|al|ly, adverb.
ir|ra´tion|al|ness, noun.

Useful english dictionary. 2012.

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